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striping & Stencils

Overlay before you need to replace. 

If your parking area has suffered some wear and tear, applying an asphalt overlay will prevent further damage that may cause you to need to replace the entire parking area. Overlay will improve the drainage, driveability, and performance of your asphalt parking area. We can cut through existing asphalt, make joints, and blend with other surfaces, such as speed bumps, curbs, and sidewalks.

Provide your customers a sense of direction with striping and stencils.

A striped parking lot looks good and says I am well maintained and safe. A.D.A. Stenciling keeps spots clear for customers that require it and keeps your business compliant. 

Custom directional arrows and "NO PARKING" stencils keep traffic in your parking area moving smoothly.


Protect your asphalt investment with sealcoating. 

Sealcoating is a waterproofing agent and UV protectant which acts a a barrier for the base material preventing cracks and the need for patching. The attractive black surface makes painted lines and markers more visable. Additionally, it attracks heat from the sun making the asphalt more pliable to better withstand traffic without cracking. 



When you have a serious paving project that needs to be done look no further than Affordable Asphalt.  Affordable Asphalt is a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured, paving company that ensures quality services are provided to our community from Key Largo to Key West at affordable prices using the latest paving technologies.


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Asphalt is environmentally friendly!

Yes, it provides the smoothest and quietest ride possible and is still 100% recyclable. 

When Affordable Asphalt excavates and removes old asphalt it is reclaimed and reprocessed into new pavement mixtures.